Helping Selavip refurbish Indonesian homes

Families are the pillar of Indonesian society. It is a place where households include not only parents and children, but often grandparents and unmarried relatives as well. In 2014, Selavip supported NGO Habitat for Humanity to give these families the homes they deserve, renovating 50 houses in a deprived neighbourhood in the village of Tegalsari. Local Etex company Eternit Gresik gave support.

Eternit Gresik contributed to this local renovation project in several ways. The company supplied cladding solutions and donated building materials for ceilings and partitions. It also provided logistic and engineering support. In doing so, Eternit Gresik helped these people lay the foundations for a more secure future. After all, housing is a basic human need and a key factor in improving people’s quality of life.

Casa Hogar 1 Casa Hogar 1 Casa Hogar 1

Mrs Lusiati, a 72-year-old widow, lives in one of these houses in Tegalsari. To help her further improve her home, Eternit Gresik installed an additional floormade of building boards from local Etex brand Kalsi.

Casa Hogar 8 Casa Hogar 8 Casa Hogar 8

Mrs Pujunati lives right next door to her sister, Mrs Tatik. While their homes were being renovated with Kalsi boards, the neighbours were happy to accommodate them.

Casa Hogar 2 Casa Hogar 2 Casa Hogar 2

To help out the Sutrisno family, Kalsi boards were used to clad their walls and roof, and to add a new floor to their home.

Selavip Indonesia 3 Selavip Indonesia 3 Selavip Indonesia 3

The Supangat family used to live under a leaky roof. “Thanks to the new Kalsi roof our home is now finally rainproof, while the air inside the house is a lot fresher”, says Mr Supangat. This proud father of four daughters was happy to put up a sign that says: ‘Built with the support of Habitat for Humanity, Kalsi and Selavip’.

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