Although asbestos has been banned from our production processes since 2002, we continue to manage our past in the most careful way.

In line with the evolution of scientific knowledge and legislation, Etex companies took a series of measures to reduce exposure to asbestos and comply with recommended exposure limits, and eventually banned the use of asbestos from their production processes worldwide. While we cannot undo what happened in the past, we have instigated a mandatory policy for all our companies to assist asbestos victims:

  • Compensate victims: People who become ill as a result of asbestos exposure from the use of asbestos by Etex companies in the past receive fair compensation. This compensation is paid by the social security system, a private insurance company, or Etex itself, depending on national legislation and company-specific insurance coverage.
  • Prevent exposure: Etex companies continue to take the necessary measures to avoid exposure of employees and others to asbestos fibres. All asbestos containing materials will, in time, be removed from our buildings and in the intervening period will be managed to the highest standards. Also, our existing landfills are monitored on a regular basis and managed to eliminate the possibility of exposure.
  • Support medical and scientific research: Etex supports medical and scientific research into asbestos-related diseases. From 2012 to 2020, we set up an ambitious collaboration with the Belgian Foundation Against Cancer. Etex is donating a total of 6 million euro. This money will be used to fund research into asbestos-related diseases and make improved diagnosis and treatment possible.

Read more about the characteristics of the natural mineral asbestos (pdf 1,59 MB)