As a global group, our numerous stakeholders are key to our success. That is why our companies act as responsible citizens in their respective communities.

Both formally and informally, we do our utmost to turn our responsibility towards the community into tangible actions. All our companies and employees are strongly encouraged to initiate dialogue that leads to win-win situations for both the company and the community.

Code of Conduct and anti-discrimination policy

In 2011, Etex introduced a Code of Conduct containing all the ethical rules and guidelines every employee should follow. A sustainable business philosophy and the complete abolishment of child labour are just two of our many ambitions. What is more, Etex also aspires to reflect the communities in which we are active. In other words, we will not tolerate discrimination based on: ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Community projects

Many of our companies take part in local programmes dedicated to improving the lives of the people in the communities surrounding them. Browse through examples of Etex’s social projects on our website and you will immediately find out how. You will see our company Eternit Peru contribute to better housing for single mothers Lima. Our Eternit Gresik company helping NGOs refurbish Indonesian homes. And our Skinco Colombia company donating building materials to provide shelter for Columbian families in need, along with many other heart-warming stories.