Innovation and striving for lower production costs leverage our environmental efforts. We also help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

At Etex, sustainability and innovation are two sides of the same coin. As we continue to come up with new ways to manufacture our products as efficiently as possible, the amount of raw materials, water and energy used is constantly decreasing. This obviously requires many environmental initiatives.

We count, among other things, on our companies to speed up these developments. Lessons learned locally are shared across the group and then implemented by our other companies. Our engineering division is successfully leading these efforts.

Energy and CO2

Since several of our processes require heating to guarantee the quality of the final product, reducing energy consumption is a complex challenge. It is, however, a top priority. That is why our heavy energy usage plants are implementing the ISO 50001 energy management standard, which helps them reduce energy consumption in a systematic way.

Helping customers with eco-friendly solutions

Many of our products help builders and end-users lower their respective carbon footprint. Here are some examples:

  • Promat delivers insulation solutions for concentrated solar power technologies, producing sustainable energy in the sunny regions of the world.
  • Our Siniat solution for the complete exterior wall drastically increases a structure’s energy efficiency. Moreover, our dry construction solutions are 100 % recyclable or recoverable.
  • Eternit’s Ecolor ISO, a corrugated fibre cement roofing panel, combines the benefits of fibre cement with excellent insulation properties.