The innovative fibre cement materials Etex produces strike a balance between aesthetics, authenticity, high quality and low maintenance. This combination meets the needs of future-focussed builders and architects who are increasingly concerned with sustainability and energy efficiency.

Brands and products

Constantly seeking to develop lighter, stronger and better materials, Etex Façade targets two segments. Architects around the world appreciate our dedication to form, function and eco-friendliness, while residential customers value the easy-of-use, diversity and flexibility of our façade materials. Key architectural and residential brands include Equitone and Cedral, respectively.


Our façade business is growing steadily. Our strategy for the future is to continue the trend of double-digit increases in every region where we are active. We aim to make our façade products top of mind in our target audiences: architects and homeowners.


We are a global leader in the development and production of architectural fibre cement façade materials and a market leader in Europe in residential fibre cement façade. While we operate in a fragmented and competitive landscape with substantial growth potential, our solutions are suitable for various applications from large buildings to residential homes and renovations.

Main trends

Architects are inspired by the design potential presented by our fibre cement façade materials. These display subtle differences in texture and are exclusively designed and developed for and with architects to meet their creative expectations. In addition, the needs of homeowners around the globe drive our goal to provide them with façade materials of timeless beauty. As such, aesthetics, a long lifespan, low maintenance and easy installation are the main requirements we strive to fulfil. Furthermore, our sustainable materials and associated construction methods adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations.