Driven by science, technology and engineering, Etex creates innovative high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation, and passive fire protection solutions that meet the highly specialised needs of key industrial players around the world.

Brands and products

No industry has the same requirements for insulation and fire protection. With this in mind, Etex develops targeted products based on calcium silicate, microporous materials, intumescent materials and cementitious sprays that meet a wide array of needs. Our main brands include Promat - which focuses on materials that control heat loss and transfer and Microtherm which offers high-performance insulation for small spaces. We offer tailored engineering services to support our products.


We create and manufacture cutting-edge materials and solutions with the intent of becoming the world’s leading reference in high-performance insulation and passive fire protection. Extensive testing, proven expertise and reliable supply make Etex Industry perfectly-positioned to do so. Not only do our products meet and exceed stringent international standards, they target pain points in niche applications to drive industry and keep people and equipment safe.


Key markets of Etex Industry include conventional and renewable energy, oil & gas, heavy industry, marine, railway and aerospace. Solution installers, contractors, engineering firms, plant owners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are the main stakeholders for these industries.

Main trends

An increase in urbanisation demands more efficient use of space and energy. While the growth in mass transportation that comes with it boosts the demand for high-performance insulation and fire protection. New advances in the energy sector are driving up the demand for advanced storage capacities and thus insulation needs for solar and fuel cell power plants, for example. Etex offers solutions and innovates in line with these key trends.