A home of Nature - Tibet Renwu Lake International Car Camp

Along the Sichuan-Tibet highway, one of the most beautiful highways in China, is the Tibet Renwu Lake International Car Camp. Nestled beside Renwu Lake, the largest lake in eastern Tibet, this recreational campsite functions as a tourist service centre, restaurant, cultural exhibition, high-end resort hotel, medical aid centre, car maintenance service, tents and recreational vehicle park.

At nearly 4,000 meters above sea level, finding materials that could withstand extremely low temperatures – sometimes as low as -15°C - while at the same time complement the beautiful scenery was no easy feat. Strong and weather resistant, a total of 35,000 square meters of Etex white Jiamei HD boards were used to clad the external façade of the service centre. The white façade fits harmoniously with the natural scenery and balances well with the design concept of “nature admiration and environment protection”.

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