Sustainability reigns at Milan Expo 2015

In just 184 days, more than 20 million visitors attended the Milan Expo 2015. During this trade fair and international exhibition, 144 140 countries gathered to showcase how they would tackle worldwide nutrition challenges with their food technologies. The event organisers and exhibitors addressed food and nutrition education, while raising awareness on the food shortage that affects many parts of the world.

To show each country’s ideas in the best way possible, Milan Expo needed easy-to-install and water-resistant pavilions. No wonder that Siniat was chosen to be one of the main suppliers of this ambitious project. 19 striking pavilions were built using Siniat’s plasterboards. This infographic shows you all about Milan Expo 2015 and Siniat’s contribution.

Download the infographic here (pdf, 7 MB)

Infographic Milan Expo in EN Infographic Milan Expo 2015 Infographic_Milan-expo-2015_mobile

Photographer: Anna Positano
Designer (Architect): POSCO Engineering CO, Ltd
Main Contractor: C.M.C. di Ravenna
Installer: Coiver Contract Srl

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