A modern learning and research centre, Aachen (Germany)

The Central Auditorium for Research and Learning or C.A.R.L. Auditorium, is the newest addition to RWTH Aachen University (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule) in Germany. Constructed at the point where the East and West grounds of the university meet, the C.A.R.L. building takes centre stage on Europe’s largest research campus. This educational facility offers lecture halls, seminar rooms and open social spaces that can accommodate 4,000 students.

When it came to choosing the external façade for this urban building, architect Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen wanted a natural-looking material that was graffiti resistant. Equitone [natura] fibre cement panels were the perfect fit for the job. In total, 6,000 square metres of the material clad the exterior of this impressive construction.

To highlight the building’s contrasting spaces, dark panels were used for the recessed auditoriums while light panels accentuate the open dynamic social areas. What is more, colour deposited joints accent the building’s exterior façade providing a contemporary and modern flair.

Architect: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects, Aarhus
Photographer: Michael Rasche, Dortmund

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