Fire and acoustic protection for the open seas

Italian ship builder Mondo Marine has been designing, engineering and building custom-made yachts for over 100 years. These 40-metre-long vessels are built using aluminium alloy and steel. Able to reach top speeds of 17 Knots, these yachts must be robust to face the open seas and offer passengers the high-quality experience associated with the Mondo Marine brand. Etex supplied Promat materials for one of their most popular models, the Mondo Marine M41.

To resist the harsh marine environment, Etex used anti-condensation and damping treatment boards for the bulkheads. Fire protection boards installed in the engine room help guard against fire, while acoustic insulation installed in the floors, walls and engine room, reduces noise so that passengers can travel comfortably.

Mondo Marine has a long-standing tradition of producing quality yachts. Thanks to Etex and Promat, they can ensure safety and even more comfort.

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