A compact Etex design for more commuting comfort and safety in France

How to deliver the perfect train travel experience? By ensuring optimal connectivity, and not only in terms of train connections... Global train and plane manufacturer Bombardier set out to offer French commuters the train seats of their dreams — with electrical sockets for charging mobile devices, modern info displays, indirect lighting and air conditioning. To achieve this, the company decided to install batteries underneath the seats in its latest train design.

But the benefits go beyond the ideal seating experience. When the train no longer receives electricity from the overhead lines, the batteries — which are charged while the train is moving — also act as an auxiliary power unit. Not only for the seat fittings, but also for the brakes, the sensors, the operation of the doors and other equipment. Find out how Etex company Promat contributed to this major project with a battery case made of high-performance insulation, steering France towards greater commuting comfort and safety. A perfect example of developing solutions for tomorrow’s market.

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