A proven history, a promising future

Since our establishment in 1905, Etex has grown from a small Belgian family business into an international industrial group that manufactures and sells building materials and solutions. Discover what makes our assets and prospects so unique.

A proven track record

  • We have been growing steadily for over a century
    The story of Etex is one of geographic expansion coupled with product and technology diversification. In addition, for more than a century, we have been strengthening our business through targeted acquisitions and greenfield investments around the world.
  • We have a strong international industrial and commercial base
    Today, Etex is 14,500 employees strong, operates 113 factories and has sales offices in 42 countries spread around the globe. We focus on achieving leadership in selected markets and organise our company into four global businesses, each targeting a well-defined segment.
    Our local brands are renowned in their respective markets. Our companies can thank their focus on local needs and demands for their long-standing presence and are well known and valued by homeowners, architects, specifiers and distributors alike.
  • Our seasoned management is backed by committed shareholders
    Etex’s clear-cut governance structure enables sustained results. Our Board of Directors—including family shareholders’ representatives and external experts—has the experience and knowledge to manage business risks proactively and effectively. Meanwhile, the composition of our Executive Committee strikes a balance between business and support functions for a mature and pragmatic management approach.
    To top it all off, we continue to receive strong support from our shareholders who place their trust in Etex and in our management team, enabling us to make smart business choices in the long term. For over 100 years, Etex has remained primarily in the hands of its founding family.

Promising future prospects

  • We reap the rewards of sound financials
    At Etex, we go to great lengths to translate the trust we receive from our investors, shareholders and other stakeholders into profitable growth. This is enabled by the targeted investments we make, the healthy cash flow we manage and our sound financial debt ratio, which we continue to actively decrease.
  • We strategically respond to market trends
    To formulate responses to today’s market trends and tomorrow’s challenges, we have outlined a three-pillar agenda. It guides us in tackling four megatrends: rapid urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity, disruptive technology and sharing global responsibility.
  • We consciously choose to take responsibility
    Carefully managing our asbestos past is pivotal for Etex. In doing so, we focus on compensating victims, managing historic landfills, preventing future exposure and supporting medical research. Our active and conscious choice to take responsibility also extends to our employees around the globe, as we aim to keep them safe and sound every day.
    Furthermore, we strive to do our part to better society. We team up with both global NGO Selavip and local organisations, centring our actions on providing affordable, safe and healthy housing for those in need. A domain where we can truly make a difference.