Our three-pillar agenda defines how Etex wants to move forward to face the challenges that lie ahead of the construction industry in the years to come.

By 2050, seven out of ten people will live in cities. This rapid urbanisation increases the need for higher building productivity and innovative methods such as modular construction. What is more, intensifying climate change and resource scarcity is making the shift toward energy-efficient building solutions and using a cradle-to-cradle approach all the more pressing.

To boost productivity, the construction industry has to shift gears and begin adopting disruptive technologies—from 3D-printing, robotics and automation to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), big data and smart tech. And to guarantee their success, businesses everywhere are striving to earn trust and share a sense of global responsibility. These megatrends are shaping our business, as we set ourselves the following three-pillar agenda:

Profitable growth

To strike the ideal balance between growing faster and generating profit, we build strong ties with our customers to innovate in line with their needs as a driver of success.

So we can better understand the markets in which we operate we are structured into four global business divisions with targeted portfolios. We are always looking to further standardise and improve how we develop solutions that meet real customer needs and adjust our portfolio in line with our strengths and market needs, explore new market regions, roll out sales excellence programmes and develop digital tools to enhance our innovative and commercial efforts.

Operational performance

To become better at what we do and how we do it: that is what Etex does by enhancing our internal processes in the spirit of continuous improvement. Our commitment to safety in the workplace is the common thread that runs through all of this.

To put this into practice, we roll out targeted projects step by step. For example, we established a global operational performance function and purchasing organisation, and carried out disciplined organisational exercises where required. We adopted standardised IT systems and engineering methods, and we initiated effective safety programmes and trainings around the globe.

Engaged people

Strong people make strong companies. We therefore implement shared values and enable our employees to grow their expertise, foster their talent and work together as innovative teams.

Examples of how we support this approach include our company values that crystallise what it means it be part of Etex, programmes designed to hone the leadership and management skills of our people, new tools to improve team and talent management, and initiatives that enhance our employees’ career opportunities and internal mobility.

Our company values —Passion for Excellence, Connect and Care, Pioneer to Lead— guide our ways of working to realise our three-pillar agenda.

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