Rendimiento financiero

Por quinto año consecutivo, Etex registró un crecimiento significativo. La empresa alcanzó resultados récord en ingresos, REBITDA y beneficio neto recurrente.

Resultados del año 2022



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Recurring operating

cash flow (REBITDA)

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Beneficio neto recurrente
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Informe Anual 2022

Creemos que los retos urgentes requieren soluciones a corto y largo plazo. En 2022, entre otros logros, apoyamos a nuestros compañeros ucranianos y a sus familias, mantuvimos un equipo comprometido, fomentamos la colaboración con nuestros clientes, avanzamos significativamente en sostenibilidad e integramos con éxito nuestro nuevo negocio de aislamiento.

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Results by division

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Building Performance

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Building Performance registered a like-for-like revenue increase of 15.5% to reach EUR 2,434 million. The division’s market positions and business results evolved positively in 2022, including in the recently acquired Australian plasterboard activities. The division demonstrated leadership when facing raw material price increases. Despite a difficult third quarter, the division achieved a strong first half and finished the year strong.

Ingresos de división Building Performance

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Exteriors registered a like-for-like revenue increase of 6.1% at EUR 683 million, mainly attributable to efficient price management mitigating the impact of raw material cost increases together with volume increase in North America. The division also posted significant double-digit growth in North America and Australia and single-digit growth in Europe but recorded a decline in Latin America.

Ingresos de división Exteriors
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Industry’s revenue amounted to EUR 203 million, up by 14.8% like-for-like. All of the division’s segments (transportation, thermal process industry, energy and fire-rated applications and appliances) grew in 2022. This can mainly be explained by price management as well as a healthy growth in volume with many projects being continued from 2021.

Ingresos de división Industry

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Etex’s newest and fifth division, Insulation, recorded a revenue of EUR 312 million in its first seven months. With European insulation leader URSA in its portfolio as of June 2022, the division was able to offset negative effects, market disruptions and the war in Ukraine. The early months saw very strong volumes, followed by modest drops. Insulation’s results were impacted by issues surrounding inflation, gas, power and raw materials but the energy savings aspect of insulation made its products - glass wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) - even more attractive than previous years.

Revenue of Insulation
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New Ways

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The New Ways division recorded a revenue of EUR 83 million in 2022 up by 10.3% like-for-like, particularly driven by a UK and Ireland market very welcoming to offsite construction and backed by a government push. 2022 was the first year all companies contributed a hundred percent to the New Ways division and Etex, following 2021’s acquisitions. Overall, sales were up in 2022 markedly versus the previous year, as were steel prices which also had an impact.

Ingresos de división New Ways
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