Customer Engagement

We deliver the very best quality to our customers.

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At Etex, we prioritise our customers above all else. Through dedication, innovation and following the highest standards, we ensure that our customers receive the best quality. We strive to meet their ever-higher demands in product quality and service delivery.

An excellent example of this commitment is Ingrida Martinaitienė, Logistics Warehouse Manager at Eternit Baltic Akmenė, Lithuania. Faced with a third of the factory's warehouse staff falling ill, she and the entire logistics department stepped up to ensure timely product delivery and meet customer expectations.

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Ingrida Martinaitienė

Ingrida Martinaitienė

Etex Akmene
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Involving our customers on our Road to Sustainability

Our goals for 2025:
  • Understanding the needs of our customers to making our sustainable solutions a critical part of our journey together. This encompasses recovering cut plasterboards from construction sites when we are delivering new ones, or providing more recycled content in our products.
  • Communicating the advantages of lightweight construction versus other forms of construction and delivering relevant trainings to facilitate the access to our technology for architects, installers and contractors.
  • Investing in innovative solutions that are adapted to a sustainable world in terms of design, resource efficiency, recycled content and durability.