Safety is Key

Making sure everyone is safe is the most important thing for us at Etex.

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At Etex, we think of safety as a way of life, not just something we have to do. We care for the health and well-being of our teammates through a complete safety plan, regular risk assessments, and training. We care about safety not only at work, but also make sure our teammates are safe when they are at home.

Watch the video featuring Pascal Journet from Etex Poissy in France. He is in charge of the property department for our Exteriors Division in France. He successfully oversaw the renovation of our fibre cement plants in France to improve the working conditions and create a safer working environment for the teammates. Now, there is more natural light in the workplace, making it a nicer place to work.

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Stories inspiring us about 'Safety is Key'

Christophe David

Christophe David

Etex Brussels
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Spotting the hazard, assess the risk and avoid an accident

At Etex, we have different ways to detect and address risks. Therefore, we are conducting a systematic Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) of all routine tasks, and we measure results through operational, corporate and external auditing and reporting processes. Throughout the year, we also encourage safety observation and conversations, through which our leaders can identify, discuss and mitigate hazardous situations.

Limiting the risks



Identify occupational exposure


Assess safety and health-related risks in the workplace


Conduct safety observation and conversations


In 2022, our plants put tremendous effort into evaluating the implementation of the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment principles, posting an average score of 90%.

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