We are committed to help build a better, sustainable future by taking care of our people and our planet.
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At Etex, we want to be a company that cares about the planet and offers a safe and positive working environment to all teammates.

We are committed to build a better, sustainable future by caring about our social and environmental impacts and working on innovative solutions for the building industry. Our impactful initiatives are focused on 5 priority areas: Health, safety & well-being, Diversity, equity & inclusion, Customer engagement, Circularity and Decarbonisation. As a teammate, you are part of our ambitious solutions and you make a difference every single day.

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Stories inspiring us about 'sustainability'

Katherine Mortier

Katherine Mortier

Etex Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos
Juan Pablo Florez Alvarez

Juan Pablo Florez Alvarez

Etex Manizales
Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson

Etex Northmead
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Discover our Sustainability Report 2021

Given the significant footprint of our industry, making a real difference in the world is essential for us. We are committed to build a better, sustainable future and our sustainability initiatives and actions have progressed in 2021.

Our second Sustainability Report invites you to learn more about our successes last year, and our ambitions for the future.

Read about last year’s successes



Our Road to Sustainability 2030

To guide us in our sustainability efforts, we have embarked on an ambitious ‘Road to Sustainability 2030’. With this plan, we focus on the goals which will have the biggest impact. At this moment we are already turning our ambitions into reality, with the help of our own sustainability experts.



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