The Values That Drive Us

We are proud of our corporate values and live by them.

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At Etex, we are proud to uphold three core values.
Our values are more than just words, they are the foundation to our culture.

Our Teammates are driven by a passion for excellence, we foster a culture of experimentation, and encourage each other to take risks and enable change.

Alongside that, we connect and care about those around us. We nurture teamwork, communities, partnerships and new ways of working.

When we combine these two elements, we are able to pioneer to lead. We actively seek to outperform and act as a leader in our ever-changing sector.

Don't just take our word for it – watch Luis Elias Alarcon Fernandez's video testimonial to see how our values impact our employees. As a long-time employee, Luis is grateful for the excellent values and ways of working he learned at Etex.

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Stories inspiring us about 'The values that drive us'

Rogério Machado Amadeu

Rogério Machado Amadeu

Etex Santa Cruz
German Andrés Ramirez Vallejo

German Andrés Ramirez Vallejo

Etex Manizales


To enhance the world with ever better living space, we need to create value together. By doing better and acting quickly. By enabling people to experiment and sometimes fail. By enjoying outperformance. 

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Work together. Bring out the best in each other. Care for safety and well-being. This is the truly sustainable way to improve the quality of living for us all. 

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We live in times of rapid transformation. We have the unique opportunity to help fulfil vital needs of our world. Let’s drive valuable change. Let’s inspire with  smart and sustainable solutions.