At Etex, we never stand still. We continuously strive to contribute to the transformation of the construction industry with the same pioneering spirit that led to the research, development or improvement of fibre cement, plasterboard and fire protection solutions for over a century. Our purpose gives direction to our strategy, leveraging innovation as a driver of success.

Innovation is part of our Etex culture

Innovation is the essence of one of our three core values: Pioneer to lead.
Outperformance is something we actively seek. To deliver the most value in a changing sector, leadership means putting the customer at the centre of our continuous improvement and innovation efforts.


Innovation to make a difference

Our world faces enormous needs for sustainable and qualitative living spaces. In the midst of global megatrends such as population growth, resource scarcity, climate change, regulatory complexity, disruptive technologies, rapid urbanisation and housing crises, Etex is focusing more than ever on innovation and R&D to drive change and set the course to a sustainable future.

We foster curiosity and take pride in creating value through change. We are fully equipped with the right resources, talent, drive and an open mindset to harness industry disruption, paving the way for agility, partnerships and ever-more-effective solutions. As part of this approach, we are convinced that lightweight and modular building technologies hold critical keys to a safer, smarter, more beautiful and sustainable world.

Sustainable future

Sustainable future

Innovation for a sustainable future

Our sector is characterised by environmental challenges such as energy-intensive production and the use of raw materials. Emissions, water use and the circular economy are key environmental topics for us, which we address through data-driven decision-making, increased reliance on renewable energy and further emission reduction measures. We believe that innovation is the key to achieving economic gains while reducing environmental impacts during the entire lifecycle of our product portfolio.

We are dedicated to assisting with product lifecycle assessment and product optimisation in order to enable end-users and architects to calculate and certify the energy performance of all materials we use in our products.

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Partnerships throughout the value chain

Looking ahead, we continue to regard partnerships and collaboration as essential to accelerating our innovation journey. We join forces with suitable partners such as value chain players, start-ups and universities for scientific research. The Etex innovation and technology centres around the world are fully deploying their expertise and knowledge to realise our ambitions.


Accelerating innovation through lightweight solutions

At Etex, we have the ambition to be a key player in the transformation of the construction industry. We make full use of new technologies and possibilities to develop innovative solutions. Every year, we invest more than EUR 30 million in R&D and innovation, with a particular focus on lightweight materials and modular and offsite construction methods. The advantages of lightweight range from reduced raw material and energy consumption and less waste and emissions to enhanced long-term circularity through opportunities for later deconstruction, re-use and recycling.

Driven by 6 megatrends – resources scarcity, a growing world population, ageing cities, technological evolutions, growing complexity and productivity matters, we have made key strategic investments in the technologies and areas of expertise that we believe will be crucial for the future. In 2020, we launched our New Ways division specialised in lightweight and modular building technologies. With this division, we can realise our ambition to bring beautiful, affordable and high-quality housing to people around the world by offering building solutions rather than standalone products.



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Fresh ideas for a circular economy

For us, circularity means offering innovative and sustainable products and services and shifting our mindset from linear extraction, production and consumption patterns (take-make-use-waste) to circular production and consumption loops in which materials are sourced in an infinite, environmentally responsible way, and resources are continuously re-used or regenerated. To create a new circular value chain, we must develop new solutions. We believe that innovation is the key to this transition.


Innovation and technology centres

Innovation and technology centres

Our innovation and technology centres around the world (Tisselt, Kapelle-op-den-bos, Heidelberg, Linz, Avignon) are fully deploying their expertise and knowledge to realise our ambitions. Our product and system testing departments are composed of lab staff, installers and experts who support the group's innovation goals. Their main task is to test the newly developed products and systems in terms of technical quality, durability and aesthetics.

Are you an engineer or a BA/MA student, and would you like to support us in reimagining the possible and pioneering innovation? Please get in touch with us.


Digitisation and Industry 4.0

It is through excellence in production, construction and maintenance that lightweight solutions shine. Our efforts, specifically through BIM (Building Information Modelling) and automation, improve work and cost efficiency for all building partners and end customers. BIM allows us to manage building projects collaboratively and helps to coordinate the efforts of all teams and stakeholders involved in the process. Our ambition is to disrupt the construction industry further and change the way we work by pushing digital transformation and applying digital processes and technology innovation. We are exploring the potential of Industry 4.0 and how connected technology can positively impact our business. Today we are already implementing major changes and preparing ourselves to evolve towards a smart future whether it concerns data analysis, business processes or customer experience. Through acquisitions and the active pursuit of knowledge through research, Etex accelerates the performance of modular construction expertise with a strong focus on digital transformation.

Innovation projects

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