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Sustainability is embedded in our strategic framework as it is in our purpose. Learn more about how our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation shapes our products, solutions, processes and shared future.


Our approach

Our ambitious ‘Road to Sustainability 2030’ is our plan to help build a better, sustainable future. It is a major commitment to have the best possible social and environmental impact and to develop innovative solutions for the construction industry.

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Social engagement

At Etex, we benefit from local talents and the supply of local goods and services. In turn, we want to engage in a wide range of voluntary initiatives which offer support to local communities through partnerships and social projects.

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Annual Report 2023

Discover our second combined annual report. It is another step towards an integrated report, putting our economic, social and environmental footprint and performance on an equal footing.

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Health, Safety and Well-being

At Etex, safety is our first priority. Our structured and evolving approach builds on our teammates. With their experience, professional attitude and dedication to caring for each other, they take ownership everyday to continuously improve towards safer and healthier infrastructure, processes and behavior.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity of thinking helps us to deliver a strong and sustainable performance. It is also essential for us that everyone feels part of the team. In this spirit, we are committed to equal opportunities and zero tolerance for discrimination, which is stipulated in our code of conduct.

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Customer engagement

With our lightweight construction solutions, we can play an important role by engaging with our customers and helping them to build better, more efficiently and more sustainably. This way, our Road to Sustainability 2030 boosts Customer engagement.

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For Etex, waste is not waste, but a valuable resource which can be turned into something new. In 2021, we identified a plan to lead a circular economy in our sector. We have distinguished a set of goals for 2030 covering the full spectrum of our value chain.

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We set the course for further reduction of our energy consumption and a shift in energy sources and technologies on a global scale. We have strongly reduced CO2 emissions already and will continue this trend in the future.

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Water and Biodiversity

At Etex, water is used as input material in our fibre cement, gypsum, calcium silicate and insulation products manufacturing processes. In 2023, we added Water and Biodiversity as a sixth priority area in our Road to Sustainability 2030 and have set clear targets to reduce our water withdrawal intensity.

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Sustainability news

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business and evolves on a daily basis. Do you want to keep track of our most recent sustainability initiatives and achievements? Please keep a close eye on our sustainability news page.

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