Dharmesh Dalal


EHS Manager
Year started
Etex Adelaide

I migrated to Australia in 2007 and started at Promat on a casual basis as a Production Operator. In 2008, I became a permanent Promat employee. Three years later, I was promoted to the stores and elected as a Health and Safety Representative.

I have always been a proactive employee coming up with ideas about where we can improve the system to increase the efficiency of my team. At EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) committee meetings, I always put forward the concerns of my Teammates, and I got full management team support.

Learning is my passion, and I volunteered for all the training that Etex & PAPL provided. In 2017, I was appointed as EHS officer. However, I felt that I needed more knowledge to provide a better safety culture and better safety procedures, so I decided to study further in WHS (Work, Health and Safety). PAPL fully supported me, and I completed my WHS Diploma while working.

We recently celebrated 7 years without a single LTA (Lost Time Accident), and we look forward to celebrating many more similar milestones.